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Listen Blessed Generation - Happy New Year 2009

We pray that the year 2009 will be a year of blessing to you all. As the blessing was running through generations from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob, so will be you a blessed generation.
Listen I was blind but now I see

Blind Bartimaeus who received his sight by the Master's healing touch proclaims so in John 9:25. How about ourselves who are spiritually blinded in many ways? God can touch us and open our eyes too.
Listen Jesus' fourfold witness

When the jews questioned Jesus' authority, he pointed to them several sources of witnesses that point to His authority in John 5:31-39. Testimony from John the Baptise, Testimony from Jesus' own words and deeds, Testimony from Father God and Testimony from the Scriptures all pointed to who Jesus was. We should hold our life against the testimonies to see what kind of witness do we have in our lives.
Listen Spiritual Maturity

When one is born again in the Lord, he is a baby. God does not want His children to be new born babes always but desires us to grow and mature. In this sermon, Suresh discusses maturing in Godliness, maturing in the Word of God and maturing in Oneness.
Listen God wants to honor you!

Psalm 91:15 says, "He shall all upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him." God intends to honor His children. We do not realize that many times. But God wants to bless you and honor you today!
Listen People the Lord seeks

Many people seek God and take many efforts to find Him. But it is wonderful to know that God is seeking people. He seeks sinners for salvation; seeks men after His own heart and He seeks people who can stand in the gap and pray. He seeks a Godly generation.
Listen Prayer! Prayer!! Prayer!!!

God says in Jeremiah 33:3, "Call unto me and I will answer you". We need to seek Him more to receive answers from Him. Bro. Suresh outlines some key aspects to learn on prayer in this sermon.
Listen Jehovah Jireh

Genesis 22:1 says that God tested Abraham. God does not test us with evil or with sins. God tests us to strengthen us in our spiritual lives. Abraham obeyed the voice of the Lord and gave Him the first priority of all his life and was willing to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. He saw the hand of Jehovah Jireh, the provider God. He is still Jeovah Jireh who can meet your neds also!
Listen Can dry bones live?

God challenged Ezekiel in Ezekial 37:1-10 with this question, "Can dry bones live?". Ezekiel then witnessed the mighty power of the Spirit of God reviving a huge army of people from the remains of their dry bones. That same power of God is available to revive our hopes today that lie tattered in pieces like dry bones!

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